Essential Health is a place you come to find healing, inner peace, get in touch with yourself.
We invite you to sit back, relax and unwind to get your body moving and performing the way it was intended to.

Photo of Lee Marais

Heal the person – not the DIS-EASE


Owner of Essential Health and Essential Health Wellness Centre

I started Essential Health in 2004 and proudly it has gone from strength to strength over the years. After having over a year’s waiting list, I realised that I needed to grow Essential Health and get more practitioners to help me and create a place where people could come to heal in a homely, loving, relaxed environment.  I am very passionate about helping people and getting their bodies back to balance. I truly believe that every illness, every ailment, every imbalance can be worked on and made just that little bit better to allow a better, healthy, happy life for many. It is all about balancing body, mind, and soul to reach a level of happiness and health that we are born for.

I do not believe in incurable. I believe life is full of miracles and healing and in the correct way, the body can heal itself to its full potential. It may need some help and some tender loving care, but in the end, the body does what it’s made to do innately, and that is HEAL.

So that is what my goal is with every single patient. Helping their body heal. And to put them on a new life path of LIVING and not just EXISTING.



Owner of The Lotus

I have always drawn my inspiration from the Lotus flower, understanding we all have the potential to be our best regardless of difficult circumstances. My love to help others led me to discover my real passion of healing and massage. After a massive journey to Nepal, hiking up Poonhill Mountain I knew I had to follow my passion. Soon after I trained and qualified in Holistic Massage and Healing by Lama Pema Drolma. After practicing for years through the Yoga Centre whilst working in corporate (as a design manager), I finally offer this healing massage full time.

At the Lotus, I help to recharge your body, mind and uplifting your spirit. The Golden Lotus massage removes stagnant energy using intuitive healing, also acting as a detox. You are left feeling loved , nurtured and rejuvenated.

I love what I do, come in for a treatment and so will you!



Health and Wellness Practitioner

I am one of Essential Health’s Health and Wellness Practitioners.  I feel that in my role I am able to fulfil my 2 passions – connecting with people and natural health.   I hold an Honours degree in HR Management, various health courses including a Professional Health Consultant’s certification.  I decided to leave the corporate world to fulfil my other calling and thereby united my two passions as I transitioned into the health and wellness sector.

I am married to Mark and we have two sons, 2 cats and 2 dogs.  I love being outdoors and being with my family and my faith keeps me well rooted. I have an  innate belief that the human body is an amazing instrument that can be re-balanced to achieve or maintain good health, and this is what drives me.  I really look forward to connecting with you and helping you understand where your body is out of balance and what you can do to get it back on track.



Health and Wellness Practitioner

My career started in Economics, then moved on to sailing which led me to yoga. Yoga practice, in all its aspects, changed my life. It helped me to find awareness not only of the physical body, but of all the dimensions of human psyche, as well as emotional and spiritual. I realised that we are like cell phone towers… we send and receive messages constantly and these messages absolutely affect our health.

My work with Essential Health has been phenomenal! I have seen men who were told they would never walk again, get up and walk! I have witnessed a woman get passed a deep depression and is now living her dream – without anti-depressants! I have seen children excel at school without pharmaceutical medication, after being told they would need it for the rest of their lives! I have seen women fall pregnant after battling for years. #HealingWithPassion is not just a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle for me…As a business, this is really important to us, because we won’t be able to help or understand your situation if we are not continuously learning.

In my spare time, I love to be in nature – either surfing, body boarding or hiking. I look forward to welcoming you to get your health and life back on track.



Health and Wellness Practitioner

I have been working with Essential Health Wellness Centre since 2018. I started my journey as the receptionist/ PA from the age of 18.

3 years down the line I now work alongside the fellow Natural Health Practitioners that make Essential Health’s name live up to what it’s best known for. In those 3 years of reception work, I have completed a Cupping Therapy Course, a Professional Health Consultant Course and now am a Member of the South African National Traditional Healers Association (SANTHA).

The human body and natural health have always mesmerised me. Learning how advanced our bodies are and how powerful natural remedies are for the human body is truly mind blowing. It gives me great happiness sharing that knowledge with everyone I come into contact with.

When you meet me, you will quickly learn that I’m loud and bubbly! And always have a toothy smile on my face! My professionalism is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover, and that age is just a number.

I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you and educating you on how to run your body as the mean healing machine it is!


A place you come to find healing, inner peace, get in touch with yourself. We invite you to sit back, relax and unwind to get your body moving and performing the way it was intended to.